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"Rockstar Kids" was created by Cree/Dene Saulteau First Nations member Niska Napoleon in 2016. After spending years mentoring youth, touring the country with her band, and nannying in Vancouver, Niska was driven to create a program for youth living in rural communities like the one she came from. Having experienced the joy,  healing, and uplifting energy that the creative arts provided her with, she knew that the youth deserved to have the same experiences and opportunities that the city kids she worked with got to experience regularly. 


Combining both culture, music, dance and art is what sets "Rockstar Kids" apart from other programs.

"We wanted there to be something for everyone, it is not limited to just one area like dance or music, through our mentorship, we have been able to offer things like drum stick making, pow wow singing, screen printing class, writing and recording workshops, beading workshops, music production workshops, and hoop dancing! We want youth to walk away feeling proud of who they are and where they come from.


I know personally that we as Indigenous people have a lot of healing to do. Being that I come from a family who uses their trauma to create art, I cry at the thought of where we might be had we not had this creative outlet. It scares me to think about that, and that's why I think is so important to share with the youth healthy ways to express themselves.

(Niska's father Art Napoleon is host of APTN's "Moosemeat & Marmalade" and sister is Trans Activist/Recording Artist Quanah Style)

Our mission is to deliver a spectrum of possibilities and create a safe space for self expression.  
 Having lived both on and off reserve throughout my life, I understand the challenges that youth living in rural communities face. By joining forces with multidimensional artists, I strive to awaken a sense of possibility. 

 I believe that when you surround yourself with people who share in the same passions, and live their dreams, it only builds you up as you feed one another through soulful connection. Our small town mentalities do not leave a lot of room to find the kind of connections that build us up,therefor; I have created a team that can deliver.  
This program was created based off the needs of the youth, through the eyes of an artist and from the perspective of a caretaker. We need to do more for our youth, we need to show them we support them, and with that...imagine the possibilities! "


-Niska Napoleon

The goal of  "Rockstar Kids" is to uncover the healing power of the arts.  The space we create is to enable youth to share through artistic expression, to nurture raw talents, to explore different areas of creative arts and to honor the creator by celebrating our gifts. 

We end each camp with a community concert, featuring the youth, as well as the facilitators. Our hope is to bring people together and share in the talents that each community has to offer.


  • 2 days of workshops

  • four workshops per day  

  • 4 facilitators

  • community concert production or dance

  • lighting and sound system

  • red carpet experience

  • open to all school aged youth K-12

  • autograph signing 

  • merch available for sale 

  • professional photos

  • recording of original song

  • one on one mentorship

follow up

We don't just want to come in and leave, we want stay connected with you and build a platform where all "Rockstar Kids" can keep in touch. Join us in developing a voice for the youth of today.


Through music, dance, art or through our own experience, sharing our personal journeys is a way to show examples of healthy forms of expression.

get moving

Throughout the day, we engage in participation activities and share with the youth the importance of being active. 


In group settings or one on one, we ensure everyone has the opportunity to spend time with the facilitators in their chosen field.