"Rockstar Kids" is a program for Indigenous school aged youth. The program was designed to ignite a sense of cultural pride, provide tools for healing and deliver a spectrum of possibilities through the arts.


Combining music, dance and art, incorporating traditional teachings and creating an outlet where youth are encouraged to use their voice, are some examples of the driving force behind “Rockstar Kids.”

​At this vital time, it is important that we honor our youth and hear their voices. In creating a safe space, sharing our stories, and nurturing artistic abilities, we hope to instill confidence, build self esteem and offer an outlet for creative expression.

We believe that art is a powerful and necessary form of healthcare that not all youth living in rural communities get to experience. By combining forces with multidimensional artists, and offering a full production, we hope to bring communities together in a positive way and celebrate the gifts the creator gave us.

"Experience a spectrum of possibilities through the arts"


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